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Tired of paying for useless clicks? We don't think targeted visitors can leave your website without visiting at least two pages on your website. We sell actual visitors who browse your website and don't leave it as soon as the landing page loads! Create your Text or Image PPC Ad campaign today and benefit from our competitive rates for qualified clicks!

Target your customers. Target your customers.
It is easy to target who you want to see your ad.
Create your ad. Create your Inline Text ad instantly or upload your banner ad.
Write a text ad that describes your products and services.
Enter your keywords. Enter your keywords.
Pick up to 20 keywords that your customers are likely to use.
Set your budget. Set your budget.
Make your first deposit and deposit as you go, no automatic billing or subscription!
Confirm and activate your ad campaign. Confirm and activate your ad campaign.

Stop Wasting your money! Use Inline Text Links!
Create your Text or Image format Ad campaign NOW
($0,02 PER Click Only) - NOW REDUCED!

Why are we Unique?
LiveAdClicks delivers click-throughs, not basic clicks.
We don't charge you if the visitors we redirect to your website do not visit at least two pages!
Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions
How do we generate our clicks? - Inline Text Links
We have access to a large network of internet toolbar providers which highlight the keywords that match to the country and category you choose every time a toolbar user the visits a webpage. Every webpage is instantly categorized by our server and your website is displayed every time the toolbar users click on the highlighted keywords (Inline Text Links). Your advertiser account is not charged if the visitor we redirect to your website does not visit your website!
Can I define my daily budget?
Can I define my daily budget?
Yes you can specify how many clicks you need daily for every Text or Image PPC ad campaign you set up with us.
I deposited funds for 500 clicks but I received 1500, is it normal?
I deposited funds for 5000 clicks to my account but I received 6500, how is this possible?
We don't count visitors if they do not visit at least two pages on your website.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we will be happy to assist you.
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